The Fascia is connective tissue that provides the entire human body with the ability to adjust its structural strength and flexibility. It connects things together, hence its name.

Try to think of the fascia running throughout the body as being like a spider's web. If one part is under tension, the whole web or body tension pattern has to change. The fascia's ability to change its flexibility, according to how we use our bodies, allows us to compensate for injury. That is why mechanical pain can at times rectify itself without treatment, yet can reappear for no apparent reason. However, there is a reason. Mechanical pain recurs when an accumulation of several factors or a single incident puts a severe strain on the system. The body fails or only partially succeeds - in absorbing all the structural changes, so that the tension pattern that one has settled into over a period of time requires one part to move in a dysfunctional manner, possibly at the cost of your body's health. At these times it may be necessary for assistance to be given to help set the body on course.

Different Fascia Modalities

  • myofascial energetic release
  • fascial manipulation
  • fascial decoding
  • fascial therapy
  • applied fascial adjustment
  • mechanical link osteopathy